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On one occasion when we were fighting about his cheating, he physically hurt me: flipped me off the bed with such force that I somersaulted and landed oddly on my back on the floor, restrained my hands when I tried to call the police and slapped me in the face so hard that I instantly fell to my knees from a standing position.Emotionally, I was devastated as I never imagined that he could lay hands on me.We’ve been happily married for 11 years with 1 kid except that I do realised that I can’t controlled my anger but definitely not till the extend of verbally or emotionally abused my wife.Yeap, we do quarrelled sometimes but everything is ok after a few hours.An RC member who saw my son sleeping on a couch and myself on the floor together with my dementia mother and schizophrenic sister during “house visits”, they suggested that I see my MP but I’ve seen him 12 times to no avail and to his own ministry for that matter. Continue reading » Number of View: 980 Hi Gilbert, I’m not sure whether this counselling service would be of any difference for the one that I’ve had before and also if I’m ready for that.It’s hard for me to move on as the memories with my wife still linger in my mind.We have been married for almost 35 years and in all these years, its either he is having affairs with divorcees or with married women.He also visited prostitutes in Geylang and do group sex.

Lately, for the past half year or so he is very engrossed with Whatsapp chatting, always using his hp to do messaging.During the earlier years, he also often indulged in viewing pornography and doing online sex talks with those women over internet.He even got the guts to tell those women that as long the husband returns home, its ok to sleep with any women outside i.e one night stand is no problem to him.Those happy thoughts makes it harder for me to let it go.I realised that I do need help but I just couldn’t bring myself to accept that everything is over.

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Just googled through the internet and successfully found out about this support group.

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